Carolyn Taylor

I've been active my entire life, what started as competing in a sport (swimming) as a child, over time has grown to a life-long committment to always go the extra mile, to strive for the best and encourage others along the way. After 20+ years of a career in sales and marketing, raising a family, I found myself in my early 40's trying many new things, tri-athlons, mud runs, half-marathons and any other crazy obstacle courses I could talk my friends into. You see, being fit for me has always been a lifestyle, I've never lost sight of that.

As I turned 50 years young this year, I've realized that it takes more than my usual routine to stay fit and feel my best. I discovered the ItWorks! products kind of by accident, just looking for a way to grow my hair out after a short haircut. I was amazed at how fast my hair started to grow and thicken, my dry skin became less dry and my nails got rock hard. To look my best before my 50th birthday in Miami, I tried that crazy wrap thing on my thighs and was completely surprized at the results after just 1 wrap. I soon discovered many of the other products and their wonderful health benefits and decided to use the products in addition to my healthy and active lifestyle. What a win-win it has been!

I'm excited to share my knowledge of these products with you, because we all want to be our best, do our best and feel our best. When we feel our best, it permeates all areas of our lives, our families and those around us. Getting older is a fact of life, we can embrace it, learn from our mistakes and move forward with confidence.

Best wishes to all of you in your endeavors! Let me know if I can help you with your health, wellness and fitness goals, it's always good to have a friend along the journey!


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